Diabetes is one of the most dangerous diseases throughout the World. They are of different types and all of them pose serious threat to one’s health. Nowadays even children at an young age are also suffering from diabetes. Type-2 diabetes is mainly caused due to insulin resistance, which makes it somewhat hereditary, but it doesn’t mean that an individual will suffer from this disease just because their parents or grand-parents had this disease. Recently in a journal published by JAMA Internal Medicine, researchers are suggesting that by maintaining a plant based diet reduces the chance of diabetes by a mind blowing 23 percent. 

The researchers are also claiming the plant based diet must be a Mediterranean diet, which contains simple plant based cooking, very low amount of meat and a high use of olive oil. This diet with proper and regular physical exercise can reduce the chance of diabetes. The researchers also suggests that other vegetarian diets or plant based diet which contains high amount of refined carbohydrates and sugar free can increase the chance of a type-2 diabetes. A study shows that around 1in 10 people from the United States of America are suffering from diabetes and around 95 percent of them are the prey of the deadly type-2 diabetes. The rates are also quite high in the global scale, as the numbers have escalated from 180 million to 422 million in a mere span of 35 years. By carefully reviewing the data in these studies, the researchers concluded that by adhering to a proper Mediterranean diet and regular basis of exercise can reduce the chance of suffering from diabetes.  Diabetes is a disease which destroys a person slowly. One can acquire this disease through an improper diet and unhealthy lifestyle. So by maintaining a proper plant based diet and by exercising regularly, one can easily avoid becoming the prey of this disease.